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  • Apart from creating a physical dependency on nicotine, smoking hurls a nasty psychological impact on your brain too, making the process of quitting far more complicated
  • Smokers tend to associate cigarettes with good times in their lives, such as smoking at parties, having it with alcohol or with moods such as, feeling stressed or depressed because of problems in their lives
  • This compels the brain to try all possible means - physical and psychological to keep getting a steady flow of nicotine. Understanding these two aspects of smoking will help to transit from a smoker to a non smoker with better ease
  • EZEEQUIT helps curb the craving by supplying only a specific amount of nicotine to your system
  • EZEEQUIT therapy is a clean source of nicotine and does not contain any of the harmful toxins contained in cigarette smoke. It delivers small and less intense quantities of nicotine in the body. Slowly your dependency on nicotine is reduced till a time when your body needs no nicotine at all!