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To answer that question, let’s first look at how exactly do you get the uncontrollable urge for lighting a cigarette, even after you’ve decided to give up smoking completely. Such a craving in most cases is triggered by sudden smoking cessation.

A sudden smoking cessation causes

  1. The nicotine level in your blood to drop abruptly
  2. Rapid reduction in dopamine level (Reward System) of the brain
  3. Leading to serious withdrawal symptoms

These, unmanageable withdrawal symptoms send you running head over heels to get that last puff of relief, over and over again, entrapping you in

  1. The guilt of exposing yourself and your loved ones to the harmful toxic fumes which contain several known carcinogens
  2. Increasing risk of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease
  3. Prompting bias by non-smoking family members, friends and relatives
  4. Increasing the financial burden on you, resulting from regular cigarette purchase and expenditure on healthcare

EZEEQUIT helps you quit in very smart and effective way of dealing with these problems.

  1. EZEEQUIT is ezeegel which helps maintain a minimum nicotine level in your blood to the point that no cravings arise. This calms your withdrawal symptoms and keeps you going without an urge to smoke

  2. EZEEQUIT is designed
    1. to reduce your body's dependency on nicotine gradually
    2. to give your body the time it needs to get conditioned to the slowly dropping nicotine levels
    3. to make  you psychologically ready to follow the process as long as necessary

  3. With EZEEQUIT the quitting process is gradual and hence your chances of succeeding to quit increases

  4. With EZEEQUIT, the quitting process is
    1. Easy
    2. Guilt free
    3. Without introduction of harmful chemicals and toxic gases into your system