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Study 1: Reduced Withdrawal Symptoms*

A randomised placebo controlled trial compared the reduction of withdrawal symptoms with EZEEQUIT in subjects addicted to cigarette smoking. The reduction of withdrawal symptoms rated on a scale of 0-4 is shown in the graph,

EZEEQUIT showed to lessen withdrawal symptoms of addictions to cigarette smoking.

Study 2: High Compliance & Tolerability*

Another study compared the palatability and reduction of Side effects of EZEEQUIT with existing Nicotine Lozenges.

The reduction in side effects were rated on a scale of 0-5 and palatability on a scale of 0-10 are shown in the graphs,

* J Thakkar, "Nicotine Containing Soft Gelatin Pastilles." U.S. Patent Application 13/029,163, filed Feb 17, 2011.

EZEEQUIT showed reduced side-effects and better palatability compared to Lozenges.

EZEEQUIT thus, emerged as a more reliable and effective replacement, by a huge margin.